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About ShopSGV

ShopSGV is a local business support initiative started by the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce

to connect our communities with our local businesses in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Monrovia Chamber of commerce has been listening to story after story of its struggling business members as well as members from other chambers of commerce. When it came to promoting local businesses, there were 2 options laid out, 1, promote Monrovia Chamber members only. 

The decision was made by the board to create a 3rd party platform that would be open to benefit all our local businesses. Thus, Shop SGV was created and launched in early 2021.

Our Community

The truth is that there is no invisible border line where Monrovia’s economic benefits start or stop, in fact, we have many members whose businesses are located in nearby cities. They are contributing just as much to our community as the next business. 

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